Abstract Reality EP

2013-04-13 10:21:48 by DJLionhart

New Electronic EP coming soon! Tracklist is:
1. Kill Them With Knives
2. Glow Worm
3. Zeus
4. Reality Shock
5. Peace of Mind
Songs are coming soon! :)

Abstract Reality EP

New Album

2013-02-18 22:57:05 by DJLionhart

Here's the cover for my new album called Heaven & Hell. It's a trance album and will have my friend Celabacy featured on it as well. Hope you guys will like it, it features my song Heaven on it as well.

New Album

Trance Music Stream

2013-02-18 19:58:41 by DJLionhart

Creating about 6 trance songs within the course of this week. Hope I can manage, get ready for some music! :)


2012-11-24 13:32:12 by DJLionhart

Gonna be uploading music like I always do.